2021  Ubud, Bali


“By fully claiming our eroticism and commanding an embodied

authority of this aspect of our life, we free ourselves by being ruled by external opinions or behaviors, and instead, become self-validated, self-reflective and self-actualizing.” – Saida Désilets

When we claim our sexual sovereignty, we affirm our own empowerment. We take responsibility for ourselves, our bodies and our fulfillment. This training offers women the embodied instruction needed to live a life guided by their body's wisdom while feeling confident and at ease in their own skin.


Specifically designed for women to redefine and reconnect to their natural eroticism, this 21 day immersion, that can be taken as a personal journey or facilitator training, unravels the programming & conditioning that binds us into conformity, disempowerment and disconnection from self and others. While also offering  an experiential process of growth & transformation to gain the skills & tools to safely guide women into their own reconnection to erotic wisdom. 

why this is important

Our erotic nature ( also known as Eros)  is our life force. It is our zest, deep connection and openness to the human experience. The Erotic has been limited into the realm of sexual pleasure but its displacement comes at an enormous cost. When we sexualize and project our erotic Self outwards, we can become disconnected to its potential.


This leads us to seek fulfillment, validation & connection from others from a place of lack. Resulting in the widespread phenomena of depression, anxiety, addiction, co-dependent and toxic relationships, too much/not enough complex, lack of purpose and feelings of isolation. 


A unique approach to feminine embodiment, with its foundation in therapeutic movement & silence practices, this dynamic 21-day immersion will also be supported by a holistic map & tools in somatics, shadow work, sexuality and stillness meditation as a gateway to embodied living and fulfillment in everyday life. 


We are not meant to do this alone and women are at their best when empowering themselves and each other, together.  Becoming a facilitator of group work in this field supports the normalization of our shame, vulnerabilities and struggles in daily life.

Classes, workshops & retreats act as a bridge for empathy and connection in a world ruled by unworthiness, comparison and disconnection. Women are craving to feel seen, met and heard in a community that supports their ability to thrive.


Our mission is to create a non-dogmatic community of facilitators around the world, that are empowered to learn cognitively, kinaesthetically emotionally & spiritually to begin the journey towards being an effective, inspired & integrated facilitator. We aim for all participants to walk away being able to   hold safe, holistic and trauma-informed feminine embodiment sanctuaries (adapted to different cultural contexts) where women are guided back into their potency while celebrating other women's feminine power. 

structure of the program

Our approach to an embodied education will offer you integrated & long lasting transformation. Providing you with space and time to connect to yourself while gaining the professional skills to bring your voice, action and intention towards facilitating processes for women within the themes of each module. ​​ The modules of the training have 3 components: Silence and self-reflection, learning the core embodiment practices & cultivating the skills needed to safely guide others into these teachings.

silence & 


You will be guided into psychological & emotional self-inquiry in tandem with meditation and silence. This combination of psycho/spiritual contemplation offers a holistic approach to self-awareness. 


core practices

You will be initiated into learning and embodying the 10 core feminine embodiment practices 

Self-reflection & silence will be tied in together to support your capacity to go deep in a short period of time. 



As you learn to embody the 10 core practices you will also be trained on how to skillfully facilitate them. Holding space, creating a safe container, communication, guiding, listening, asking deepening questions structuring workshops & much more will be the focus of facilitation skills. 





As  inner listening & awareness  is the pillar of this training, we enter the journey with a  3-day silent meditation & movement retreat. This initiation will set the pathway to cultivating your relationship to silence, stillness & resting into presence. Real meditation is not about mastering a technique, it is about letting go off control. It's about waking up from the dream of separateness to the truth of connection. This will be a soft, intimate & nourishing meditation immersion, bathed in silence & self reflection. Comfort of body &. mind will be ensured to go deep into yourself with ease & grace. 


~ Clarifying obstacles in meditation
~ Open concepts, the mind & stillness
~ Meditations for the revelation of the Spiritual Heart

~ Yoga/ addressing the physical body to help meditations go deeper
~ Concentration techniques as separate from meditation techniques

~ Authentic movement & silence

~ Yin yoga


Therapeutic dance

This training takes the lens that embodiment is not about getting out of the mind and into the body but forming the connection between the mind, body and soul.  When we express & perceive from the centre of these three points, Eros arises naturally & spontaneously. Through dynamic & meditative forms of movement, you will learn how to access deeper states of presence, authenticity, self-regulation, perceiving, listening, communicating, emotional release,  & flow states. 



-Authentic movement

~ Self-directed movement in silence

~ Breath body connection

~ Sound & movement practices 

​~ Release techniques & shaking 

-Primal movement & play

~ Sexual energy, movement & breath

~ Therapeutic movement vocabulary

~ Emotional release through movement 

~ Movement & the natural world

~ Moving meditations 

~ Contact improvisation 

~ Physical theatre

~ Erotic dance practices

~ Strip tease & lap dance as a moving meditation


Students will be guided in practices that help them to understand and work with their own female body, as well as facilitation tools so that they can teach female-centered, trauma-informed movement classes the tie in to all other modules, that center around the female body, womb-health, female cycles, sensuality, sexuality and pleasure. We will also unpack our sexual shame and conditioning & how this shapes our self-worth, inhibitions and judgments towards ourselves & others. 


~ feminine movement for womb health

~ optimizing female hormones through movement

~ women's pelvic health

~ proprioception and the language of awareness, perception and sensation

~ sensual and sexual repair/healing

~ pleasure & the nervous system

~ trauma and self-regulation 

~ how we sexualize the genitals and what this means to our embodiment 

~ negative body image & its effects on the female psyche, eroticism & pleasure

~ yoni ( vagina) muscle tension, orgasms & the correlation to suppressed emotions. 


shadow work

The shadow is a term coined by psychologist Carl Jung,  meaning the unconscious, hidden and rejected parts of oneself.  . Shadow work is about discovering the truth. Allowing us to move through & love all parts of our humanity & move toward self-acceptance,   authenticity. ​ This entire training in essence, is shadow work,  however this module will empower you to get real, raw & honest and learn how to move through fears, beliefs, identifications & self images that stand in the way of your authentic power.  




~ limiting beliefs regarding conventional femininity & gender 

~ family, social & cultural programming

~ masks & seeking validation & approval

~ shame & taboo 

~ projections: shadow & gold

~ threat, competition & insecurities with other women

~ becoming self-accountable & self-responsible

~ genuine vulnerability vs manipulative vulnerability

~ self-image identifications  

~ gestalt therapy techniques

~ Carl Rogers & the person-centered approach 

~ Carl Jung's approach to the unconscious 

~Authentic Relating



training & retreat attributes


In order to express the truth of who we are, without judgement, we must first truly listen. Listen with the body, the heart and the mind. Intermittent hours & days of silence while we practice will allow the teachings to take roots in you from a natural space of discernment and embodied awareness

holistic approach to feminine embodiment

This training covers 4 important aspects of our humanity : spirituality, psychology/emotions  sexuality & the body. This supports a versatile &  integrated approach to facilitation and holding space. 

10 core practices to teach others

This training will offer you 10 core practices ( with changes in each practice that still provides versatility) spreading across the different modules that you will be able to transmit to others with integrity.  These practices along with facilitation will enable you to run classes, women circles & 1-4 day workshops. 



In order to embody any discipline, we need a constant dialog with the practices we perform. For that, we favor TIME & QUALITY over quantity of practices & short-lived experiences. 



Quietude of mind, stillness and Silence are a powerful element added to this program. We begin with a 3-day silent retreat for the group to land into a relationship with presence before delving into any movement practices or psychological work.

assessment of


The teachers’s support and group accountability are a big aid of this program. Repetition of practices and feedback will support your capacity to become a facilitator with integrity & authenticity. 



Maanee Chrystal Joy

Therapeutic dance, Shadow work, Embodied Sexuality facilitator

Maanee is the founder of the therapeutic erotic dance training. She is a holistic psychotherapist, dance therapist, sacred sexuality teacher, yoni massage practioner and dancer of various art forms over the last 22 years (ranging from improv & contemporary dance, classical Indian, tribal fusion, contact improvisation, authentic movement & was a dancer in the erotic dance industry in Australia). Maanee’s combined background has shaped her holistic approach to self inquiry & personal transformation. Her work is provocative, deep & intense while holding a tender & loving presence through her facilitation. Maanee is also currently training in the embodied NVC team work method for relationships with Max rivers & deepening her psychotherapy studies in Gestalt therapy. She is also the co-founder of AMANEcurated an educational platform hosting retreats with leaders in the fields of human development & consciousness.

Blaire Lindsay

Somatics &  Embodied Sexuality facilitator

As an embodiment and sexuality coach, Blaire helps women to come into deeper union with themselves, their bodies and their erotic essence.Working with women who struggle to 'have it all' and feel the heavy burden of such a lofty goal, Blaire's work aligns women with their deepest, embodied truth so that they can live joyfully and passionately, capable of incredible intimacy. In her online programs and in-person trainings, Blaire draws from a background in classical and neo-Tantra, yoga, dance and trauma resolution to help women access full-body presence and inner to outer radiance. Her studies Blaire holds a B.A. in Social Sciences, is a 500hr registered yoga teacher, a certified coach and a Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution Practitioner in training (to be completed in 2021).

Kerrilyn Iris

Emotional Support


Kerrilyn is a talented healer with 30 years experience supporting her International clientele towards Inner peace, wisdom and joy. She is a Kinesiologist trained educated with International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice I.C.P.K.P. Kinesiology is the language of your body. This fast working and effective modality bypasses your intellectual mind to discover the Truth. Kinesiology uses gentle muscle monitoring to uncover hidden programs, beliefs, and behaviors that run your life on automatic. What is not benefiting you is revealed be it Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, past, present, future. Kerrilyn is the conduit between you and the questions she asks your body. Kerrilyn Holds a Diploma in Social Science (Community Service Co-ordination) with B.B.C.C Diploma Remedial and sports massage NSW School of Therapeutic Massage. Certification as a Holistic counselor Nature Care college Sydney. Parapsychologist Australian College of Applied Parapsychology. Theta healer and Australian Bush Flower essence practitioner

Ava Irani 

Meditation & Yin Yoga facilitator​

Ava’s “yoga path” started at the age of 19 with an intense physical asana practice. After doing her first series of silent retreats & teacher trainings in 2011 as well as teaching through out Australia, Thailand, Mexico, Singapore & India she has had the dream of bringing esoteric philosophy, Yoga and meditation to her home town Perth Australia & now runs Spanda Yoga school. It is Ava’s greatest joy to guide others and herself along the path of Spiritual transformation, aligning with life’s purpose and connecting to the Spanda or the innate enthusiasm of our hearts. Besides the meditation, her greatest growths have come from living in Hridaya Yoga & meditation community itself in Mexico, Hatha Yoga and conscious relationships. Ava has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Sydney. Considered as an academic with a thirst for spiritual knowledge, she has an innate gift for teaching and a generous attitude that touches each of her students in a loving way.


Located 5 minutes out of  Ubud centre. Samyama Meditation center provides us with rice field surroundings, 2 yoga halls, pool, sauna, ice bath, salt cave, tranquil gardens & a vegan plant-based restaurant  For those wanting to stay onsite and avoid dealing with finding accommodation & transport, this is the perfect option for you. We have a variety of accommodation options for higher & lower budgets. Please see below. 



Participants have two ways to attend the training- Non residential ( staying off site) or Residential ( staying onsite)


The non-residential option has been given to those who wish to find their own accommodation.


This means you are required to find your own transport to and from the venue, unless you stay within walking distance to the training, as well as taking care of your food needs outside of what the course provides. 


Full Price $3000 USD ( non residential)


-preliminary online video content

- course tuition fee

- lunch & snacks

- audio recordings

- training manual

~payment plans available~


The residential option allows you to stay onsite while the retreat is happening. 


Twin Share Deluxe

Double occupancy open floor mezzanine bedroom with two queen beds & shared outdoor bathroom  

Course tuition 


includeslunch & snacks

audio recordings

training manual



Room for 

20 nights 

$700 usd



payment plans available

Mindfulness private room

Small single occupancy room with shared outdoor bathroom  

Course tuition  


includeslunch & snacks

audio recordings

training manual



Room for 

20 nights 

$340 usd



Dorm Room

4-bed dorm room with 2 bunk beds & shared outdoor bathroom  

Course tuition 


includeslunch & snacks

audio recordings

training manual



Room for 

20 nights 

$240 usd



supporting others


It is a great privilege to be able to afford and attend such trainings. Many women around the world do not have this type of freedom- Actually, some do not have much freedom at all. The Embodied Education team donate to both local & international foundations supporting gender equality, trauma recovery & healing. A percentage from each participants investment into the training will be donated to Art to Healing 


 Art to Healing is a charity consisting of an international team of specialist trauma-informed practitioners, therapists and researchers dedicated to the psychological and emotional recovery of children and women who have experienced child sex slavery, exploitation and sexual abuse.  They deliver tailor-designed, evidence-based psychosocial therapeutic programs, education and professional development to allow for women and girls to repair, recover and return to a life free from sex slavery.


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