"Embodiment isn’t about sitting in the head and paying attention to the part of you we call the body—it’s about fully inhabiting the intelligence of the body and attuning to the world through it" ​ ~ Philip Shepherd

In this module, you will be guided as well as taught how to facilitate a selection of practices that expand your ability to deeply listen from within as a new way to relate to yourself. 

 Somatics is a field within bodywork and movement studies that emphasizes the internal physical perception of your emotions, feelings, sensations and movements to create an interlink between mind-body awareness. The term is used to signify approaches based on the soma, or "the body as perceived from within" 


This training takes the lens that embodiment is not about getting out of the mind and into the body but linking the connection between the mind, body and spirit and learning how to perceive from the centre of these three points. From this space, your erotic embodiment arises naturally & spontaneously.  You will learn how to access deeper states of presence, authenticity, self-regulation, perceiving, listening, communicating, processing emotion, release, and cultivation of energy  & flow states. These practices emanate into our everyday life to support your innermost connection to yourself and others.   

Be prepared for  deeply, transformative processes in this module- Through our dance, our innermost life is revealed


~ exploring the felt sense 

~ self-directed movement in silence

~ breath body connection

~ sound & movement practices 

~ release techniques & shaking 

~ sexual energy, movement & breath

~ movement vocabulary

~ emotional release through movement 

~ movement & the natural world

~ moving meditations 

~ contact improvisation 

~ physical theatre

~ erotic dance practices

~ strip tease & lap dance as a moving meditation





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