shadow work

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”  ― Carl Gustav Jung

The shadow is a term coined by psychologist Carl Jung,  meaning the unconscious, hidden and rejected parts of oneself.  . Shadow work is all about discovering what is standing in the experiencing self-acceptance, self-responsibility & authenticity. 

This module will focus on a few specific aspects of the Shadow- Our persona or, self-image/identifications/masks we use to seek validation and approval from others. 

We all have a persona, in fact, many different personas, that have slowly built up in our psyche over time ( since childhood) that help us be loved & accepted or help protect ourselves and our fears of rejection. 


When we take the courage to open to the inquiry of our shadow, the relationship to ourselves and others become far more meaningful, spacious and connected. We are able to focus on the present moment relating. Rather than relating unconsciously from the past experiences & projections that shaped the limiting beliefs of unworthiness/not good enough-ness, we become aware of them & work with them in a conscious way in our life. 

This work both as a facilitator &  a student of life is some of the most powerful inner-workings one can explore. These processes will set you up to become a facilitator with integrity as you gain more confidence in the totality of your self- both light & dark and be able to transmit this to others.  

When we can simultaneously accept that we both want love & approval & feel comfortable to step outside this sphere, our eros can flow through us with ease and grace. 


~ limiting beliefs around conventional femininity & gender roles

~ family, social & cultural programming

~ masks & seeking validation & approval

~ shame & taboo 

~ projections: shadow & gold

~ threat, competition & insecurities with other women

~ becoming self-accountable & self-responsible

~ genuine vulnerability vs manipulative vulnerability

~ self-image identifications  

~ gestalt therapy techniques

~ Carl Rogers & the person-centered approach 

~ Carl Jung's approach to the unconscious 





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