When we claim our sexual sovereignty, we affirm our own empowerment. We take responsibility for ourselves, our bodies and our fulfillment.


This online workshop offers women the embodied instruction needed to live a life guided by their body's wisdom while feeling confident and at ease in their own skin.


Specifically designed for female bodied people ( all genders can join ) to redefine and reconnect to their natural eroticism,  this introduction to the shadow of female sexuality unravels the programming & conditioning of sexuality that binds us into conformity, disempowerment and disconnection as women. 


Our erotic nature ( also known as Eros)  is our life force. It is our zest, deep connection and openness to the human experience. The Erotic has been limited into the realm of sexual pleasure but its displacement comes at an enormous cost. When we sexualize and project our erotic Self outwards, we can become disconnected to its potential.


In this online workshop you will learn

-Sexuality & the shadow 

-Sexual shame & the disconnection to our body

-Re-meeting the body

-How our emotions and Vagina are connected

-Practices for female bodied women 

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