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embodied sexuality

This module focuses on freeing up the restrictions we have around our natural expression & connection to our sexuality, pleasure and positive body image.  

The presence of women in the embodied arts is massive and only growing and yet so many of our practices come from male lineages, made by and for male bodies. This is evidenced in the fact that many of our practices have to be adapted and modified to the female body and the stages of a woman's life (pregnancy, menstruation, menopause) rather than being centered around them.


Students will be guided in practices that help them to understand and work with their own female body, as well as facilitation tools so that they can teach female-centered, trauma-informed movement classes that center around the female body, womb-health, sensuality, and pleasure. These movement classes can be taught in correlation with therapeutic dance & somatic practices. 

We will also focus on positive body image and the deep scar media, society & culture have imposed onto us of what it means to be beautiful & sexy or,  how we should or shouldn't act within our sexual expression. This module will unpack our shame and conditioning around our sex & how this shapes our self-worth, inhibitions and judgments towards ourselves & others...

 Students will be empowered to cultivate a deep level of self-understanding and self-compassion as a female practitioner and then create erotic embodiment classes/spaces to guide women through a similar process.


~ feminine movement for womb health

~ optimizing female hormones through movement

~ women's pelvic health

~ proprioception and the language of awareness, perception and sensation

~ sensual and sexual repair/healing

~ pleasure & the nervous system

~ trauma and self-regulation 

~ how we sexualize the genitals and what this means to our embodiment 

~ negative body image & its effects on the female psyche, eroticism & pleasure

~ yoni ( vagina) muscle tension, orgasms & the correlation to suppressed emotions.