Self Vaginal/ Yoni massage intruction

1. create a safe peaceful space


2. Set intention connect heart and yoni


3. vagus nerve breathing ( minimum 4 seconds inhale, hold, 5-6 seconds exhale with release sound creating vibration the back on the neck)


4.touch with presence


5.breast massage


6. massage vulva with oil


7. take a few moments to enter to see if there is a yes

8.stay with fingers for 1-2 mins



9. massage from 1-5 7-9 9-11


10. 12 o'clock- anterior wall /gpot : circle or come here



11. Prosterior wall small circles


12. cervix feels like your elbow

( bring knees to


chest to lower the cervix )


13. vizualize the inside of your yoni- yoni mapping buildes more neural pathways


14.. slow removal & cupping yoni


15. Vagus nerve breathing

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