"The original Greek meaning of therapy "therapeia: referred to a tending to, caring for, or sending breath into, not “curing,” “fixing” or even “healing,” But by way of our own embodied tenderness, to infuse with life. To be a midwife for the birth of a new heart, one which will inevitably ache and long and break and shatter and open and crumble in the face of it all." 

~ Matt Licata

When we look at the term facilitator it means "An individual who enables groups or individuals to work more effectively; to collaborate and achieve synergy."  

The foundation of becoming a facilitator within this training is supported others to let go of the notion that there is something they need to fix ( and that you can fix them), that the participant needs to be different than who they are or to transform into a better version of them-self.

 Your role is to offer a held and safe container for the participants through inquiry & transmission of practices.  This training will provide you with a strong platform of integration through repetition of practices, feedback & days of silent practice in order for you to go deep into the teachings yourself. In tandem, you will learn how to facilitate these practices with the tools we provide you across the 4 facilitators in order to provide a versatile style to pedagogy. 

We hold ourselves as both facilitator & student, as we inter-relate between the knowing and unknown, between confidence & humbleness in what we are sharing.  Throughout the 21 days, you will be initiated into facilitation skills & space holding that not only supports your capacity to guide others but will also enhance the relationship to yourself & others in your daily life. 



- authenticity & vulnerability as a facilitator

- communication skills
- how to effectively guide processes / person-centered approach

- listening, reflecting & inquiring

~ facilitating sharing circles

~ how to self regulate your nervous system through stress

~ creating & holding a safe container

~ the shadow of becoming a facilitator 

~ peer practice sessions

~ pedagogy 

~ structuring & creating workshops and classes

~ how to develop your own workshop content 

~ how to create inclusive promotional material 

~ marketing





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