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ONLINE SUMMIT- 11-23 February 

" The greatest privelage of a life time is to become who you truly are-Carl Jung

In Jungian psychology, the “Shadow", refers to the hidden aspects of a human-being 


As well as in humanity as a whole. It is everything we exile, deny or are unaware of about ourselves and the world around us.


In short, the shadow is the un-seen.


This free online summit was inspired by Maanee Chrystal Joy & Blaire Lindsay to offer reverence to the process of becoming aware of our personal & collective shadow’s as seen through the lends of the feminine-both as a fundamental archetypal energy residing within all genders , and as it also relates to persons with vulvas. 



You'll hear over 30 experts talk about the Feminine shadow and the unseen forces that may be impacting us in the fields of psychology, somatics, health, fitness, food, dieting, embodiment, sexuality, classical and neo-Tantra, beauty and fashion, feminism, spirituality and  feminine empowerment.