for WOMEN

Embodied Education is a platform offering inner explorations that empower women to embody presence, awakening & wholeness 

through shadow work, somatics, non duality & therapeutic movement 

Shadow Side Of The Feminine Online Summit

August 2020

Therapeutic Erotic Dance & shadow work

Facilitator Training 

January 16th- February 6th 2021

Holistic Psychotherapy

one on one sessions

Shadow side of womens sexuality

online workshop

May 12th 2020

Pillars of Embodied Education

Therapeutic dance & shadow work online journey

Enter the Gestalt: 

Shadow work online course

"An experience of wholeness isn’t something you can achieve – we are born of a whole that is a seamless unity, and our every breath is sustained by it. Our lives are immutably embedded in it, and completely belong to it: it is the transforming, infinitely sensitized, coherent field in which we live, and which lives in us. The challenge we face, then, is not to achieve wholeness – it already exists; our challenge is rather to join it. Or, if you will, to surrender to it. - Philip Sheppard

Maanee chrystal

"Lived, felt experience is an authority in itself" 

Maanee Chrystal is a Holistic, Non-Dual Psychotherapist and Dance Therapist.  Her combined background in dance, Depth, Gestalt & Somatic psychotherapy, sexological body work and Non-Dual Tantra, has shaped her integral and grounded approach to self inquiry and personal transformation.

Maanee is a deep listener and feeler, lover of the Truth. She guides others to whole heartedly embrace the repressed, unseen aspects of self as a pathway to deeper connection, freedom and awakening.

Maanee is the founder of  Embodied Education for women, The Shadow Side Of The Feminine Summit and the co-founder of AMANEcurated an educational platform hosting retreats with leaders in the fields of human development and consciousness

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